Rugoztech Designers

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RUGOZTECH DESIGNERS was founded by Calisto Rugora and it was established in 2018 with the aim of providing high quality and affordable designs to global as well as national companies. Now it is a fully established IT company serving more than 20 companies nationally as well as internationally.

Company Overview

Welcome to Rugoztech Designers, where creativity meets innovation. We are a dynamic design company dedicated to transforming ideas into captivating visual experiences. With a passion for exceptional design, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that leave a lasting impact.


Graphic Design

For all your global graphic designs trust in us, we elevate your brand with distinctive designs

Website Design

Website Design for Schools, Companies, Organisation and Colleges e.t.c.

Digital Marketing

As classified digital marketers our existence seeks to amplify your brand's presence with elegance

Social Media

Elevate Your Brand's Social Presence with Striking Designs


As Rugoztech Designers we are on the move to unleash the power of self service ecommerce website design.

Website Hosting

We have vast experience in hosting excellence, empower your website today

Our Co-curricular Activities

Corporate Company Branding
Digital Marketing

Website & Graphic Designing
Website and Email Hosting
Desktop & Android Apps Development


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